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Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing to be celebrated. Having a life forming inside of you is miraculous. Therefore, many people like to capture these moments by doing a maternity photoshoot to mark an amazing milestone in life.

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

A couple of weeks ago, I had the greatest pleasure of doing a maternity photoshoot for a dear friend, Cordelia. Cordelia actually played an integral part in my career. It was just after publishing my book and I was exploring shooting people underwater (to make a living out of) when she extended a helping hand. I needed to do a test shoot, my very first proper photoshoot with 2 people underwater- this was when Cordelia brought down 2 of her professional models from her agency for me (without even seeing my portfolio)! I don't think she ever knew how much I appreciated that kind gesture.

Underwater Prewedding Photography Singapore
Underwater Prewedding Photography Singapore

(Some photos of that day's test shoot)

That then marked the start of Drewperspectives.

Anyway, back to the underwater maternity photoshoot.

Cordelia was in her 8th month of pregnancy, a time when the baby bump was most obvious. I would always advice clients to shoot at the 7th month, and only at the 8th month if the mother is extremely mobile (Corde was still running around and working like crazy so yeah).

On picking outfits, I advised her to wear something that doesn't hide her bump (obviously), and to also bring along something flowy that could be draped over her. This would then bring out the full "underwater element" as it flows in the water.

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

We were blessed to have really nice soft sunlight that day. As usual, I went through the breathing techniques with her and we were set to go. Cordelia was a real natural!

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

The very first comment she made after 5 mins of shooting underwater was how comfortable she felt in the water. I can only imagine the weight and pressure a baby puts on mothers! That is the unique thing about an underwater maternity photoshoot- instead of getting uncomfortable, moving from location to location under the hot sun, struggling in and out of outfits in small public toilets, an underwater maternity photoshoot makes mothers even more relaxed than they usually are- more so than lying in bed! You are pretty much weightless underwater after all.

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

We did a combination of poses according to Cordelia's preferences during this underwater maternity photoshoot. Some at the surface, and some slightly deeper. However as you can see from the photos, everything was still shot in shallow water. The depth I shoot most in is between 1.2m-1.4m. Not only is it very safe, but going too deep will reduce the sunlight, and trust me, you WANT sunlight for shoots like these(:

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot
Underwater Maternity Photoshoot
Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

I think Cordelia looked extremely gorgeous. The pregnancy glow, and even the serenity of pregnancy was successfully brought out and I look forward to doing more with other mothers to be!

These photos are from our newly launched Basic Underwater Maternity Package. For the experience and quality of photos, I think it is extremely value-for-money. I came up with this package as I believe this should be made available to all mothers so that they could do something special for themselves at a time of much joy (and struggles).

Do share it with your friends and loved ones, and do email or Whatsapp +65 90109057 for any enquiries.

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot Singapore

Gemma was successfully brought into this world on 30th November, 2019. Together with her in this photo are her parents, Cordelia and Michael. Congrats guys (:

As seen on Google Reviews:

"Shot my maternity underwater with Andrew and it was a great experience! Definitely something to remember by this pregnancy, he made everything easy and always constantly making sure that I was 100% safe and I had tons of fun shooting. Thank you drew!"

- Cordelia Daphne

Makeup by: Dominique Andrea (

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