Underwater Photography Singapore (people)

Drewperspectives offers professional underwater photography services in Singapore and around Asia.

​Through our years of experience, we have perfected our craft in bringing out the best in our clients during an underwater photo-shoot.

Underwater photography has always been associated with high-fashion photo-shoots and that is where Drewperspectives steps in as we want to give the everyday people a chance to feel and look like a top-model.

There are 3 main underwater photography services we offer to people- Underwater pre-wedding photography, underwater portrait photography and underwater maternity photography in Singapore.

Underwater Pre-wedding Photography Singapore

It is definitely not an easy task choosing your wedding photographer in Singapore as there are plenty of wedding photographers to choose from!

On top of that, there is a vast selection of styles and locations that you might want to shoot at. However, Singapore is still a pretty small place and getting a unique set of prewedding photos might be tough.

Perhaps being one of the first few to establish underwater pre-wedding photography in Singapore, Drewperspectives prides itself on creating unique and memorable underwater pre-wedding photography images for couples of all ages. And no, it isn't just for couples getting married, but those celebrating their anniversaries too!

Taking love to deeper depths

Doing an underwater wedding photography session with Drewperspectives will not just give you spectacular, never-seen-before images, but also an experience of a lifetime.

It is always a heartwarming sensation seeing couples who are being put out of their element, working together to create beautiful underwater wedding photographs. At such an advanced stage in a relationship, there are few things couples can do together for the first time- an underwater wedding photoshoot is definitely one.

Before each photo-shoot, we go through a quick training session with our clients on different breathing and posing techniques. This is to ensure our clients feel and look their natural best underwater. The pool we use has a depth of only 1.4m, and there will be a safety assistant around at all times to ensure our client's safety.

The pools we use are carefully chosen based on cleanliness and chlorine contents so our clients would not have to worry about discomfort as they open their eyes underwater.
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Review on Underwater pre-wedding photography by Drewperspectives

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"Shooting underwater is one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had and I was ecstatic with the pictures that came out of it. Daunting as it may seem, it really is quite the opposite. Proper breathing techniques were taught beforehand and once I got used to it, the fun level went up several notches!
Definitely looking forward to shooting underwater again!"
- Audrey Goh (@sparrowonweed), Influencer

Underwater Portrait Photography Singapore

No, you do not need to be engaged, or even be in love to pamper yourself with an underwater photo shoot in Singapore.

Drewperspectives offers underwater portrait photography for singles too! Whether you're a professional model, or someone who just wants a new cool display picture to wow your friends with, we've gotcha.

Doing underwater portraiture photography is plenty of fun! With a mix of outfits, props, and great sunlight, we'll be sure to get you photos that all your friends will envy. This is the newest of underwater photography services offered by Drewperspectives!

Underwater Photography Singapore
Underwater Photography Singapore

Review on Underwater Portrait photography by Drewperspectives

as seen on Google

"Hands down I’d do it again. Let’s be honest, we’re humans, we’re not built to live underwater by any means, but in those 15-20s blocks when you’re down there, working with minimal air in your lungs, it’s beautiful. It takes a while to get a hang of the breathing techniques, learning how your body, facial muscles, eyes, hair and clothes all respond under water. It’s almost like you’ve landed on a new planet, and you’ve got to relearn how to move. Not the easiest, but Andrew made it it feel seamless. Knowing the right angles, being specific with particular directions whilst at the same time giving me the freedom to experiment. His experience, patience and guidance allowed us to have some of the most fun whilst getting shots of myself that I never thought possible."
- Barbara Latimer (@latimerbarbara), TV Presenter
Underwater Photography Singapore

Illustrating the delicate interplay between light and water, with a particular emphasis on creative perspective and clever composition, to deliver exclusive, dramatic, and ethereal images.

Underwater Maternity Photography Singapore

Drewperspectives offers one-of-a-kind underwater maternity photography services to clients in Singapore. Why not mark this momentous journey with photos that are indeed special too?

There is never a more special time for a family than having a child. The joy and exuberance of this wondrous occasion is just something that can’t matched, and we are here to capture this incredible milestone of yours.

Underwater maternity photography proves to be an exceptionally relaxing experience for to-be mothers as the feeling of being weightless in the water really takes off quite a bit of pressure. An underwater maternity photo-shoot with us promises a fun-filled experience that you would never forget, and photos that you will always treasure.

Safety guidelines

Through the years, we have fine-tuned our processes to ensure upmost safety for our clients.

It is completely safe to shoot underwater while being pregnant! In fact, studies have shown that being in water is healthy for mothers.

We recommend shooting within the 7th month of pregnancy as the bump will be obvious enough at that time, and it won't be too close to the delivery date.


As with all our shoots, underwater maternity photography services are conducted in a shallow pool of 1.4m, and there will be a safety assistant around at all times. We will also conduct a breathing and posing technique session before the shoot starts.

Review on Underwater Maternity photography by Drewperspectives

as seen on Google

"So we received our underwater maternity photos yesterday and we couldn't believe what we are seeing! These photos I'm about to post throughout the day (on social media) are going to bring maternity shoots to a whole new level. Our photgrapher is such a talent and very professional with his work.
A picture is a memory that last forever so you better make sure you look good in them."
Danial Ashriq (@danialashh), Mediacorp Artist
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