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Overseas trips

We bring you to the best destinations around the world for one-of-a-kind underwater (and land) photoshoots! Whether it is free-diving with the Humpback Whales of Tonga, Mermaiding with the Mantas in Hanifaru Bay, or just swimming with the Spinner Dolphins in the Red Sea, we've got it all! All our trips have already been tried and tested and we have established our local partners around the world to ensure our trips are smooth sailing.

Our upcoming trips (2024)

Egypt 2024 9D8N Trip @ S$4080

16th April to 24th April (1st group- FULL)

24th April to 2nd May (2nd group- 1 slot left)

4th May to 12th May (3rd group- 3 slots left)

Inclusive of:
- 7 days of professional underwater and land photography by Drewperspectives
- Safety diver and model coach by Roue
- 7 professionally edited underwater photos
- 5 professionally edited land photos
- Accommodations & 3 buffet meals a day (in Marsa Alam- double/triple sharing rooms)
- Accommodations & breakfast buffet (in Giza- Double/triple sharing rooms)
- 2D1N on luxury Liveaboard (private room each)
- 2x dugong trips 
- 2 day guided tours around Cairo (Pyramids, Egyptian museum etc)
- 2way transfer from Cairo to Marsa Alam and back

-visa on arrival (50usd)
-tips for boatmen/driver
-meals not mentioned in itinerary
-other personal expenses (camel rides/ souvenirs etc)

Add ons:
- 15-30sec underwater video @$200usd
- Additional edited land photos @ $20usd each or bulk buy (no-edits) at all for $200usd
- Additional edited underwater photos @ $80usd each


Egypt itinerary

Day 1: arrive in Cairo. Drive to Marsa Alam

Day 2: freediving at beach & dugong trip

Day 3: freediving at beach & dugong trip

Day 4: liveaboard- shoot with dolphins

Day 5: liveaboard- shoot with shipwreck & dolphins. Back to Marsa Alam

Day 6: sunrise photoshoot with camels, car to Giza, check into hotel.

Day 7: Land Tour- Three Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus. Memphis City, Sphinx, Valley Temple, Step Pyramid of Sakkara etc. (Lunch provided)

Day 8: Land Tour- Egyptian Museum, Citadel of Salah El-Dein, Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Old Coptic Cairo, The Hanging Church. (Lunch provided)

Day 9: Back home

Our beautiful accommodations in Marsa Alam

With the desert set behind and the Red Sea right in front of us, this little paradise of ours seems to be right out of a movie scene.

Only a 5 minute walk from our villa, we have free access to the beach that houses 33 turtles in its crystal clear waters, and we can spend as much time there as we want!


Our gorgeous liveaboard.

Definitely the highlight of our trip- this is where we find the huge pods of Spinner Dolphins! Setaya Bay is indeed a slice of heaven on earth. Expect visibility of up to 40m with no currents! The dolphins live here all year round and it doesn't take much to find them- with visibility like that, we can easily spot them from miles away. This bay is also sheltered by a huge reef so no one ever gets seasick!

This boat is meant to house over 20 people, but we book it privately for our group of 9 (:


How do we conduct our shoots?

As this is a trip that focuses more on photoshoots, we will do our very best to ensure everyone gets great photos of themselves.


Our entire group will swim out to sea together and take turns shooting with the turtles/corals/white sand.

We will have 2 buoys with us so anyone tired can rest. Depth is only between 3-5m. After everyone has their photos, it's time for fun dive!

*Mermaid friendly


Dugongs can swim really fast, especially if they're afraid- this happens when a big group of people suddenly jump into the water to swim with it. To avoid this, we will go 2 clients at a time, on rotation. After everyone has their photos, it's time for fun dive! Depth is between surface to 16m (if the Dugong is eating/asleep).

*NOT mermaid friendly- Dugongs swim way too fast, but you can try...


Dolphins are incredibly curious and playful creatures and diving with them brings you a joy no other can. Because we have quite a lot of time with the Dolphins, we will shoot 1 to 1, on rotation. We first get onto a small boat Zodiac that will bring us ahead of the dolphins, then photographer, safety, and participant will jump in to shoot. Once the dolphins swim away, fret not, they'll usually come back for a 2nd round to swim with you! We will then continue shooting until they finally swim away. We will then go back up onto the Zodiac which will bring us to the front of the pod again, and the 2nd participant goes. After everyone has their photos, it's time for fun dive! Depth is between surface to 8m.

*Mermaid friendly-ish- dolphins swim quick, so once you are told to get ready to jump, please be ready to jump in right away.

On all your dives, you will also be accompanied by a free-diving instructor Roue, who will be your safety.

We have a strict NO TOUCH policy so please respect all wildlife!

What must I prepare?

For diving:

- Long fins

- Weight belt (optional)  *weights are provided on the boat*

- Mask

- Snorkel

- Wetsuit/ bikinis(much nicer in photos)

- Mermaid tail (for those who want mermaid photos)

Everything else:

- Passport (Singaporean citizens can apply for visa on arrival at the airport in Cairo. It costs $50usd.)

- Sunscreen, ocean friendly

- Clothes for hot days and cool nights (29-21 degrees celsius)- Ladies, please bring jackets/scarves to cover up if your outfits are sleeveless/low cut.

- Personal medication and seasick pills (for the long boat ride from Marsa Alam to Setaya Bay and back).

- Money- in Egypt, they use Egyptian pounds, USD, and Euro. Most small shops only accept Egyptian Pounds which can be changed at the airport on arrival.

Things to note!

- We accept divers of ALL levels. However, if you are a beginner and have low confidence in water, please let us know.
- Stick together when travelling- especially in Cairo/Giza. It is very crowded and your safety is our biggest priority. Things are run very differently over there.

- Do NOT go anywhere alone.

- Never accept anything for free in Egypt.

- If you are feeling unwell, do inform Roue or Andrew immediately.

- As Egypt is predominantly Muslim, ladies, please bring additional scarves/jackets to cover up when in Giza/Cairo.

- All edited photos will have Drewperspective's watermark- this is to prevent any misuse of photos commercially.

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