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Underwater photoshoot for The Smart Local?

Hey so sorry for the late post, have been busy packing my equipment, you know how it gets!

So anyway, the past few months have been pretty intensive and I will do my very best to update this blog a little more often. Let me start with April.

April was a fun month because I got to work with some friends over at The Smart Local.

They decided to do a "underwater Modelling Challenge" where two pairs went up against each other. Of course, they had to have a little twist to it- Girls vs Boys. I suppose the concept was still really similar to what I usually do- underwater wedding photography, but this was also really fun.

This particular shoot had probably the most interesting prep-time. I mean, from the picture below I am pretty sure you get what I mean :D

The weather was terrible. It was overcast, and the rain came on and off, but the show had to go on.

As with every one of my underwater photography shoots, I went through the safety briefing with the team and taught them the proper breathing techniques. 1 of them had a little trouble initially, but just within 20mins, they were all confident to start. Just then, a ray of sunlight came in...

The erratic weather continued throughout the shoot but I am thankful that the shoot still went on smoothly. As you can see here in the last photo, it was raining!

I would very much like to thank The Smart Local again for the feature and I hope you guys enjoy the video!

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