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Boudoir Photography Singapore- Photos of yourself, for your future self.

Boudoir photography is perhaps the most intimate form of photography. Singapore is still a relatively conservative country but I’m glad times seem to be slowly changing and more people are open to capturing a side of them that few see.

Everyone will grow old and wrinkly some day, that doesn’t mean you won’t be beautiful, but it also presents an opportunity to capture the beauty of youth and lock in a moment in time. Many clients do it for their loved-one, but I believe it should ultimately be for you.

Doing a boudoir photoshoot will make you feel strong, sexy, and confident of yourself. It will remind you that you are unique, and that you’re beautiful inside and out.

In 40 years time, you’d look back at these photos and they will remind you of your prime- when you were young and beautiful, and that is something no one could ever take away from you.

I recently did a shoot with Amanda who was looking to do a boudoir photography session to have photos of herself, for her future self. As with every client, I left the choice to her- if she’d like to take the photos in the comforts of her home, at another location (perhaps a nice hotel), or at our studio. She chose our studio.

Boudoir Photography Singapore

And like every other shoot, be it underwater or on land, Amanda was a little shy at first. The key to looking your natural best is to be comfortable. It is common to feel a little nervous or shy whenever there’s a camera around, what more when you’re dressed for a boudoir shoot, but it is down to the photographer to ease you in.

Boudoir Photography Singapore

Therefore, I got her warming up on some simple poses whilst being a little more covered up. She eased into the shoot quite seamlessly after.

Boudoir Photography Singapore

When she felt ready, Amanda changed into the next outfit. She brought a gorgeous set of black lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

Boudoir Photography Singapore

Sometimes, showing less is more, and I’m not talking about skin. I’ve seen many other photographers in Singapore doing boudoir photography and noticed that most of them go with the very brightly-lit style of photography, and they look fantastic. However, I think depending on the feel of the client and what the client wants, a darker approach to it can work even better.

Boudoir Photography Singapore
Boudoir Photography Singapore

Shadows give depth to a photo and it amplifies the curves and contours of a body. Therefore, I used the natural light to highlight and bring-out the parts of the body Amanda loves the most, and the shadows make the images pop even more.

Boudoir Photography Singapore
Boudoir Photography Singapore
Boudoir Photography Singapore

Boudoir photography with Drewperspectives is not just about finding the best angles, but I also strive to help my clients find a beauty in themselves that they’ve never noticed before.

"I had an ultimately amazing experience with Andrew. The works of his is so professional and I felt very comfortable shooting very quickly! And bam, he made me look like a goddess in his artwork!" - Amanda, @pawt__x

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