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2017- the start of something amazing!

Hello and welcome to Drewperspectives' new website and blog!

As you can see, we have revamped it up quite a bit as 2017 is going to be an exciting year for us and we would love to share our journey with you.

Currently, we are looking for partnerships around the region, particularly in China, Australia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. We do hope to be able to bring our services to those living abroad! If you feel that Drewperspectives will do great in your country/city, please contact us at

Come and explore our page and take a look at the new album of our recent underwater pre-wedding shoot with Junting and Jiawei. They were an extremely fun couple to work with and they actually just got married a few days before our shoot! In fact, this counts more as a post-wedding shoot!

We were very fortunate to have good sunlight that day and they did come well prepared with the props! Doing an underwater pre-wedding shoot gives you a different kind of photo already, however, bringing props offers yet another dimension to it all. You can see the album under our Underwater Pre-wedding Portfolio-

We are extremely excited for the two of them and we wish them all the best for their sweet journey together ahead!

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