Zhenyi & nicole- An inspirational underwater photoshoot

I had the pleasure of doing the underwater pre-wedding photoshoot for Zhenyi & Nicole. Like many, their wedding got pushed back because of COVID-19, but this didn't stop them from checking something off their bucket list- an underwater photoshoot.

Underwater photography Singapore

I don't do a blogpost for all my shoots, but this one is pretty special because you don't come across this very often- high school sweethearts finally getting married after dating for 11 years! In a time where relationships lasting for more than 2 years is considered long, a time where people get in and out of relationships as often as they change their underwear, and a time where distractions are plentiful, I think this is amazing if not at least a little magical.

Underwater photography Singapore

So the story goes... Zhenyi was the class chairperson in secondary 3, however, they both didn't have much interaction throughout secondary 3/4 (well perhaps because they were good students focusing on studying). However, it was only when O' Levels was coming closer when Zhenyi suddenly texted Nicole to study together.

On the last day of O' levels and after the paper ended, Zhenyi sent a long text to Nicole to ask her to be his girlfriend.

Underwater photography Singapore

We've all been there. Asking a girl to 'study'. Apparently it works. Boys take note too, an important lesson we all can learn. If you want to ask a girl something important, ask her ONLY when she's very happy. Like, no more O' levels happy.

Underwater photography Singapore

Growing up, i've always put 'common interest' as a big priority when finding a partner. I mean, on a surface level, it completely makes sense, you have someone to do the things you love with like duck herding or beetle fighting (i'm kidding). But what happens when there are many things you do not share in common? Is it a no go? Apparently not.

Zhenyi and Nicole do not share anything in common. Like, nothing at all. "We are interested in different things. But despite the differences we are still ok to do it together.". Perhaps having a successful relationship isn't so much about finding the 'perfect' person who already does what you do, but instead finding a person who would learn to love the things you do. I mean, it does sound so much more 'sustainable' in the long run right? What if you and your partner are in love because you both enjoy scuba diving and suddenly one day one decides to stop diving and start Extreme Ironing (apparently a thing. Google it.). The point is, I believe Zhenyi and Nicole have perfected the art of compromise and I think it is beautiful.

Underwater photography Singapore

What do you think you guys did that made such a long relationship last and work out eventually?

"I guess we feel most comfortable and happiest with each other hahaha. We spend most of our time together. He makes me laugh a lot and I enjoy disturbing him."

"But it's more like what HE did that made the relationship work out. He takes good care of me and gives in a lot to me and he has really done a lot to make sure our relationship doesn't run out of spark. We'll try to create surprises for each other while we can!".

Underwater photography Singapore

What were some obstacles faced, and how did you deal with it?

"Obstacles...there's many. Of course we'll have quarrels/arguments too. But we make sure it doesn't last too long. We actually encountered a lot of issues during our wedding planning due to Covid...We'll discuss and find a way out. But i'll say he's a problem solver and very dependable. He's always so calm while i'm the one who's always panicking.".

Underwater photography Singapore

Zhenyi and Nicole came to know of Drewperspectives via Wahbanana's Youtube video 3 years back. "We had a great time! Andrew has given us great guidance on the breathing techniques and he was so patient with us! The photos turned out great and we had no regrets. Can't believe we actually did it and so glad we're able to check this activity off our bucket list!".

Being an underwater photographer in Singapore, I really love doing special sets of photos for my clients. An underwater photoshoot really is something different- from photos, to the entire experience itself. And with each time, I always get inspired and learn a thing or two from my clients.

Zhenyi and Nicole, thank you so much for being such fantastic clients. You two are a great inspiration to me, and I wish you all the best. Congratulations once again.

Underwater photography Singapore

"Baby, I always loved a cup of '你心'".

P.S- I couldn't stop laughing underwater. Zhenyi LOVES his maggie mee. Apparently his maggie mee videos on Instagram is pretty serious business. Of course, here's Nicole sharing that passion of his, happily.

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