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Underwater photoshoot in Bali

We flew to Bali in March to do a shoot with Alila Manggis (, who I am proud to announce is now one of our partners! So yes, Drewperspectives now offers underwater photography services in Bali, Indonesia.

For any of you planning that perfect beach wedding, celebrating your honeymoon, or even just having some fun with a loved one in Bali, be sure to engage us for a luxurious and memorable underwater photoshoot.

We shot two couples this time and I shall cover the first one for now.

Alexander & Julia are a beautiful (evidently) and loving couple from Russia. They're currently doing a SEA trip for their honeymoon and are now residing in Bali. Despite the language barrier, we managed to build the rapport minutes after meeting and working with them was such a breeze.

We were fortunate to have Ali Charisma ( provide us with a gorgeous gown from their collection for the underwater photography shoot.

As I always say, having a dress/gown that flows is always better for an underwater photoshoot because it brings out the element of being underwater with the flow of the gown. Therefore this gown was perfect.

After the quick 15 minute training session we had with them, Alex & Julia were already so comfortable being underwater. They had great buoyancy control (which we always teach our clients), and their eyes quickly adapted to the water (with low chlorine levels so it doesn't hurt).

We started with the easier poses first and slowly eased them into the more difficult ones.

We also had the privilege of having Zen Dive ( assist us for the shoot. Safety is our number 1 priority and even though we shoot in depths not more than 2m, we will always have a safety assistant around at all times to ensure our client's safety & comfort.

They had plenty of fun and we did too. I am really glad that the pool in Alila Manggis is suitable for our shoots because of their water quality, structure, and minimal obstruction from sunlight.

The team at Alila Manggis is an incredible one and they did make us feel very at home. In fact, I believe we've formed a great friendship and I look forward to heading back there again.

A team that shoots underwater together.......gets wet and happy.

Please view the rest of the album under our "portfolio" tab(:

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