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Underwater prewedding photoshoot with Brandon & Xavielle

The feeling you get when a client you've taken photos for, invites you to their wedding as friends.

Finally found the time to post about the shoot with Brandon & Xavielle which happened early this year.

Our first meeting was at Starbucks @ Plaza Singapura. We met up to plan and conceptualise a shoot, and I had to advice them on what to prepare and what to bring. It was during that meeting when I found out that Brandon actually took Xavielle to do her scuba diving course in preparation for the underwater photoshoot with Drewperspectives! Stress levels never peaked so high, haha!

I told him that it wasn't necessary, and many of my clients aren't strong swimmers too, but I am happy he used this opportunity to show her a whole new world down there.

After the training session, we were good to go! Xavielle had a little problem with sinking, so we worked around it and Brandon had to be her anchor (not just in life, but also quite literally for this shoot!).

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a couple helping each other out during the underwater photoshoot with us here at Drewperspectives. Every couple is different and within each one, each individual has their own set of strengths. It warms my heart every time I see one helping the other out. This is why I say an underwater shoot with Drewperspectives is much more than just a photoshoot, but also an experience of a lifetime where a couple can not only get nice photos from, but also bond over.

Thank you once again Brandon & Xavielle for the amazing time we had. Drewperspectives wishes the two of you the very best and may you have a long, loving relationship.

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