Maternity Boudoir Photography Singapore

Feeling sexy definitely isn't on the top 10 list of "how you feel while being pregnant".

The bloats, the discomforts, and the changes in your body will naturally pull you away from your own sensuality. But does it really have to be this way?

Being a photographer, my job has always been to do 1 thing- to bring out the best in people.

Through the years of my experience, I genuinely found and believe that there really is beauty in everyone. You just have to find that sweet detail, the right angle, coupled with the right light, and voila, you redefine the appearance of a person. You help them see themselves in a different light, a better one. And that is what gives me satisfaction in my work.

Motherhood is something to be celebrated, and yet many out there go into postnatal depression. Of course there are many different causes of it, but one of the major factors is due to body image. This, I want to change. I want to bring out the beauty and sensuality in mothers that they thought they have lost.

Xue Ning was 5-6months pregnant when we did our shoot. Bubbly, cheerful, but also filled with uncertainty just like any other mother-to-be out there. She's strong- still running around and going to work as she used to do so before the pregnancy. Her list of activities seemed to far outweigh mine, and for that she inspires me.

She shared with me the changes her body was going through. For a young person, especially one that did quite a bit of modelling before, I can only imagine how scary it might be. But she's gorgeous. Perhaps not in the way that she's used to. Gorgeous in a different way. There is a glow to her, and I wanted to document that for her to see.

To me, successful boudoir photography is to bring out the 'sexy' of your subject in a tasteful manner. It is revealing, but never too much. It can be suggestive, but never vulgar.

It is ultimately a tease.

The key to boudoir photography is comfort and trust. Your subject has to feel comfortable in order to bring out his/her natural beauty. And trust? Your subject is in a vulnerable position and as a male photographer, this can be a challenge.

This is why I insist on having a face-to-face meeting with my clients before shooting them. I want them to know who they'd be working with. Additionally, unlike many photographers out there, I let the client take control of the camera- they are able to delete any photos they are uncomfortable with on the spot.

These are just some of the many things I do to establish trust, and trust has always been part of Drewperspective's brand.

With some great music and tons of laughter, 2 hours was up and our shoot was done. You'd be surprise how great a connection you can build with someone through a shoot. This is my first time doing a maternity boudoir shoot, and honestly, it isn't very different from a usual one apart from the fact that some poses are harder to achieve.

Xue Ning did a fantastic job and I personally am happy with how the shots turned out. I know for sure that her strength, patience, empathetic and humble nature will make her a great mother and I cannot wait to meet baby Bailey when she's out (: As seen on Google Reviews: Positive: Professionalism Had the pleasure to work with Andrew on my first ever boudoir shoot recently and the experience was great. He was professional and patient as we worked through various different poses adjusting them accordingly to my comfort level. He was also understanding to my condition as a pregnant model as certain poses can be taxing. Look forward to working with him again soon :)

-Xue Ning (@tainted_smiles_)

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