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Underwater Pre-wedding Photography Singapore

Drewperspectives started off with the idea of providing a unique set of pre-wedding photos by having it done underwater instead. Through the years, I have diversified to do more things such as underwater maternity photography, underwater portraiture photography, to even other land-based packages such as boudoir photography.

Some months back, a couple reached out to me telling me that they wanted to do an underwater pre-wedding photoshoot. I was elated as it has been awhile, after being so caught up with the other sorts of photography.

underwater pre-wedding photography singapore

Jon and Joy are both scuba divers, which is great cause we speak the same language(: You'd be surprise though, that most of my clients aren't scuba divers, and a good 20% of them can't even swim! Because we shoot in very shallow water, client's don't actually need to know how to swim. We just need to help them be as comfortable as possible. In this case, it was easy.

underwater pre-wedding photoshoot singapore

With Jon's freediving background, they were really natural underwater and we could almost start shoot immediately.

Underwater Pre-wedding Photography Singapore

Jon and Joy opted for the additional black drape instead of the usual white. I think it was lovely as it really brought out the contrast of her outfit. I really enjoyed shooting them as they were really game to try out different poses, and even suggested some crazy ones like this "Spiderman scene"!

For underwater photoshoots, I always advice clients to wear bright colours, but to avoid blues and greens. The reasoning is because swimming pool tiles are usually blue/green, and we want to get rid of the blue/green tinge as much as possible. Thankfully the black backdrop totally eliminated the pool colours this time and her gown looked fabulous. It has both elements- fitting, but also with flow.

Underwater Pre-wedding Photography Singapore

Jon and Joy, thank you for being such amazing clients. My team and I had so much fun shooting with you and we wish you two a successful and happy marriage. Congratulations once again and we look forward to doing a maternity shoot for you in the future (;

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