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50 Shades of Singapore- Hit Me Aunty One More Time

About 2 months ago, I was speaking with a good friend of mine, Shaun Tan (Canon Photo Face-Off Season 2 winner), on what I could possibly do to add a little bit more "fun" to my portfolio. He suggested that I did a "Movies" themed one, and I thought that was a brilliant suggestion.

You can check out his work here-

2 other good friends of mine (Phylicia & Trevor) were game to do a 50 Shades Darker shoot. However, upon deeper thought (pun-not-intended), we realised that doing a 50 Shades themed shoot might not be the best idea because in the end, Trevor is a tall white-male, and Phylicia is a tiny Chinese girl... Portraying them in a white-guy-dominates-tiny-asian light leaves a lot of room for potential Singaporean anti-SPG-nazi debates.

So we did this.

We completely reversed the roles in the movie and also added in a Singaporean-twist. Basically, we converted the passive Dakota Johnson into an aggressive Chinese Tiger Aunty with a clueless (handsome) white boy who had no idea what he was in for after stepping into Asia.

Brain-storming for props and how to dress Phylicia was easy but finding the props was a little tougher. We went to the heartland markets and went from shop-to-shop and basically bought everything we thought could work.


We had plenty of fun shooting that day and with the breathing and posing techniques taught before the shoot, Phylicia and Trevor breezed through the entire event without any discomfort at all. I mean, you can easily tell from their facial expressions, right? :D

We were blessed with amazing lighting that day so the colours managed to come out nicely.

Okay so we've got a little game for you guys out there (especially for the ones that might want to do a shoot with Drewperspectives) and there are prizes to be won!

All you have to do is share this blogpost (through our facebook page) and state a dream theme that YOU want to do with us! The top 3 most creative ones will win a S$300 voucher for any of our packages! Even if you don't intend to do a shoot anytime soon, perhaps your friends might so do share it anyway for their sake(:

Much thanks to Phylicia (@aicilyhp) & Trevor (@oldbrown) for being such a great sport and being brilliant first-time models (what more underwater)! Also, to my dear Kim Neubronner for doing the make-up and to Sophia (babe) for helping me out with the styling. Also, not forgetting my bro Alex for the pool. Much love to all.

Have a brilliant week ahead guys, Friday is coming soon. Which is great, not cause I live for the weekends (I work on pretty odd-days), but cause Drewperspectives IS GOING TO BALI NEXT WEEK :D

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