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At a funeral people are at their most beautiful when they are being kind to one another. Barriers are lowered and tenderness rises. Everyone is human for a day. You can still laugh and be happy at a funeral. You can remember the person’s life. Even the funeral of a young person can be a time of tempered joy. You weep and hug one another but you remember the vitality and vigour of the youth. For an elderly person it can often be a relief that they’re no longer in pain, or in the nursing home. You can join together to remember the person they once were. The person who will live on in your memory. I record these moments of shared intimacy and genuine emotion.

Our team is here with you to capture and honour the legacy your loved one has left behind and my photos are of ordinary people showing they grieve and are human. In a small way I think they strengthen families.

From past experience, friends and families appreciate having the opportunity to not only capture final memories of a loved one, but also record their time spent together whilst paying a heartfelt tribute to a person who touched their lives.

Funeral Photography Rates:

Funeral Photography Service (S$700)

2 sessions include:

- The last night of wake service 8pm - 12am (4 hours coverage)

- Funeral day (4 hours coverage)


- 1 photographer on-site

- All soft copies provided

- Photos delivered within 1 week

Do reach me at +65 90109057, and I will be there to attend to you anytime.

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