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To us here at Drewperspectives, birthdays are big events and it is important to capture all the special moments from your celebration. Those moments that can never be recreated. Whether it is your child's 1st birthday, girlfriend's 21st birthday, or your parent's 60th, there is no party too big or too small for us!

Organizing a birthday party is never easy, in fact, many people do underestimate the amount of work it requires. On the day itself, you'd be busy entertaining guests and we want you to enjoy just that. From behind the scenes, our photographers will capture the precious candid moments- the smiles and laughter that clearly indicates a great time that everyone is having, especially the one who's celebrating the birthday!

Our photographers will be on location 15 minutes before the start of your party to not just prepare the equipment, but also run through with you the sequence of the party so that he will be ready to take the best photos of any surprises that might come ahead.


Birthday party photography is always a pleasure shooting as every birthday party is different! It is always heart warming to see the loved ones of the birthday girl/boy painstakingly planning (right down to the simplest of details) the party so that he/she will enjoy it as much as possible.

Drewperspectives always does its best to justify the great amount of work put into planning each birthday party through the pictures we shoot.


For you parents out there, years later, your children will see these photos and they will appreciate you even more than ever.

For the boyfriend/girlfriend planning your partner's 21st birthday surprise, these photos will resemble the sweet love you have for each other.

For the grandchildren out there, these photos of your grandparent's birthday party with the whole family together will be something everyone will hold on dearly too.

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